Thursday, January 24, 2013

Limited vision in one eye: 8x42 or 8x32?

I am interested in your Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binocular.  I wear glasses and I have limited vision in my right eye.  Do you think I will be okay with the 8x32s or should I get the 8x42s for the extra eye relief.  Will the limited right eye vision cause a significant focusing problem? My primary uses will be birding, hunting and sight seeing. 


Bill B.


Hi Bill,
The 8x32's work well with the vast majority of eyeglass wearers.  The limiting factor is going to be how far the front of your glasses are from the surface of your eyes rather than how good/poor your vision is.  Here is a short article describing exactly what the eye relief measurement is:

If you like the features/size of the 8x32's, then I would give it a try and assume the eye relief will work for you.   The right barrel of the binoculars will have a diopter to adjust it independently of the focus mechanism.  That should be able to account for differences between your left and right eye.  If you can't see clearly out of your right eye, it may not be an issue of the binoculars ability to focus.  If that's the case, you may just find it more comfortable to use binoculars with the right lens cap on.

If you have any other questions, give us a call.

Best Regards,

Eagle Optics

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