Monday, February 4, 2013

Can I Digiscope with my Kowa TSN-822?

I have a few questions about what equipment I would need to attach digital camera equipment to my Kowa TSN-822 straight body field scope.  The eye piece we have is the 82mm 20-60X zoom and I am interested in using a point and shoot camera (Canon power shoot A1200 with 4x optical zoom) and a DSLR camera (Nikon 3100 with a 18-55mm adjustable lens, 52mm filter size) for digiscoping.  It looked to me like the Kowa DA-1 DCA and the vortex PS-100 would work for the point and shoot and I would need the Kowa 52mm DCA ring to use the DSLR.  Would I need any other adapters? 

Also, I need to replace the eyepiece for the TSN-822 field scope.  Would the Kowa 60/66/82SVmm 20-60X eye piece fit the model I have?  And would you recommend the fixed 25X long eye relief eye piece over the zoom for digiscoping?
I need to use the digiscoping to take photos suitable for photo-identification of seals from a long distance.

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Dear Andrea,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news right away, but there are no more eyepieces made for the older 82mm series Kowa scopes.
The current eyepieces made for 60mm, 66mm, and 82 SV scopes will not fit your old one.
Your best bet is to do a google search for the old 82mm scopes or call Kowa and see if they can help at:  (800) 966-5692.

As for digiscoping with the equipment you already have, you are correct. Your Powershot will be perfect with the PS100 and DA1.
You will also need this extension ring to fit over the scope’s zoom eyepiece

As for your DSLR, you will need a fixed 50mm lens for it (the zoom lenses unfortunately won’t work).
Those fixed lenses almost universally have a 52mm thread on the end of them, so, yes, you will also need the 52mm DCA ring for the front of the DA1:

If you have any other questions, feel free to give a call and any of our staff will be happy to help. 


Eagle Optics


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