Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Can I digiscope with a Pentax PF ED II Scope?


I'm eager to get a spotting scope so we can see the many birds on our lot that frequently seem to be beyond binocular range. Also, I'd like to get into digiscoping. I think it's premature to invest in a very high-end scope. Also, we have a 3-year-old granddaughter around some times ;-)

My current thought is to get the 

Pentax PF ED II 65mm AN Spotting Scope 70967 w/20-60x Zoom 70530

My understanding is that I can attach my Panasonic G2 with lens directly to the eyepiece via a step-up ring. Right now, I just have zoom lenses for this camera, though I've used an adapter and a fast 40mm SLR lens for studio photography (manual mode and manual focusing). This set-up doesn't sound very convenient for viewing with the scope, though, since the camera would be attached to the eyepiece. Perhaps I should get another eyepiece (non-zoom) to attach the camera to? Any other ideas?

Other cameras we have around include an old Casio point-and-shoot that I should clean and check out and a Panasonic Ultra-Zoom that I use for my quick ID photos. 

Does Pentax have the warranty that covers accidental damage?

BTW, I'm thrilled with the Pentax binoculars that I received from you when I won a newsletter drawing this year! The Eagle Optics bins I had just bought aren't too shabby, either, but they're now second-string.

I hope you can help!
Linda A.


Dear Linda,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

The Pentax is a nice little scope and would certainly work well for digiscoping as far as the optical quality goes.

Unfortunately the digiscoping part is not quite as easy as it seems/as you’ve heard with Pentax and a DSLR body.
Pentax scopes only allow Pentax cameras to be mounted directly to their scopes with this adapter (which in this case, does not require a T-ring):
This route would bridge the gap between the scope body (minus its eyepiece) and your Pentax-only camera body (minus its lens).

If you want to use your G2 with a lens for digiscoping, the below are the only options in which the manufacturer makes an adapter for a specific scope that will accept a DSLR with a lens.
The zoom lenses don’t work for digiscoping, so you’d have to have a fixed 50mm lens for your G2 in order to use these options:

Vortex Viper setup:

Vortex Razor setup:

Kowa scope setups:
The full-sized scopes (77 and 88s) work with the DA10 adapter, plus some other pieces depending on which lens you have:

The mid-sized scopes (60 and 66s) work with the DA1 adapter, plus some other pieces depending on which lens/eyepiece you have:

Swarovski scope setups:
Ditto here like the Kowa:
The aluminum and magnesium Swarovski scopes (ATM/STM/ATS/STS) scopes work with this adapter:

If you want to look at digiscoping with a point and shoot camera, you’ll want to focus on cameras with small bodies and below 4x optical zooms.
Depending on which scope you’re looking at, various point and shoots will work with various adapter and scope models.
Any of our staff will be happy to chat to you about the various digiscoping/P&S setups.

Pentax does offer a worry-free warranty, which covers fault (I believe with their warranty, you are responsible for return shipping fees if you damage the model).
So glad you’re happy with the binocular you won!


Eagle Optics 

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