Friday, February 22, 2013

Gitzo tripod legs with non-Gitzo heads?

Dear Eagle Optics,
 I have just been given a gift of a Swarovski ATM 80 mm HD scope for birdwatching!  It’s my 50th birthday present from my family.  Now it’s up to me to figure out the tripod and head.  I have a friend who will give me a Gitzo 2531 carbon fiber leg system.  Can I mount a Swarovski DH101 on the Gitzo legs?

Your website is very helpful, and you seem genuinely interested in helping customers.  Can you sell me just the head, assuming it is compatible with the Gitzo legs?




Dear Jennifer,
Happy birthday and thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
Unfortunately, the non Gitzo heads aren’t a good match for Gitzo legs.
The top of the Gitzo center columns have some gnurls that catch onto the bottom of the gitzo heads, and the Swarovski heads (and others) don’t attach the same way.

I’d recommend either the Gitzo 2180 head or one of the birdwatching heads.


Eagle Optics

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