Friday, February 1, 2013

Telephotography or Digiscoping with a DSLR?


We are looking to get set up to digiscope using a very similar setup to what you showed in your video here:

Please forgive me as I am pretty new to photography and will not have most of the lingo or techniques down for this conversation, so I'll do the best I can.  We are probably going to be getting either a Vortex Viper or Razor Spotting Scope, and already have a couple different cameras to use with it.  We would like to use the Canon SLR type camera we have, but I was hoping to be able to attach the camera body directly to the adapter instead of first going through a lens.  Is this a possibility with the setup? 

We also have a couple of point and shoots, but neither with the filter threading so if we have to go that route we'll probably have to get the extra mount for those.

Most of the time we will be videoing rather than taking high quality images, and would like to film in HD, so if you think one of these setups is more likely to give us the quality and ease of use we are looking for, we'd love to hear your suggestions. 

Thank you for your time,

Mason W.


Dear Mason,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

Unfortunately, neither of these scopes has an adapter made for it that will accept only a DSLR boday.
There are some scopes where that’s the case, but the type of adapter you see in this video is far easier and more convenient to use than the telephotography style adapters I describe above (where you bridge the gap between the body of the scope (minus its eyepiece) and the body of the camera (minus its lens) with a T-ring.

Your best bet would either be to buy an inexpensive, fixed 50mm DSLR lens or go the Point and shoot route with the Vortex PS100 bracket and either the Viper or Razor DCA.

If you have any further questions, any of our staff is happy to help over the phones as well.


Eagle Optics 

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