Friday, March 1, 2013

What digiscoping adapter needed for Vortex Razor HD Scope?

Hello -

I have been perusing your website and will definitely be purchasing a VortexRazor HD Spotting Scope.

My question is this though: I would really like to use the scope in conjunction with my camera to do digiscoping and am not sure what adapter and rings etc. I need.
Can you tell me what I would need to make this work?
I have a Canon EOS Rebel XT digital camera with a 70-300 mm zoom lens. I also have a smaller lens.

What do you think I would need to purchase?


Anoka, MN


Pete: Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
The Vortex Razor HD is great for digiscoping, especially with a camera of the Rebel XT’s quality.

You will need a fixed 50mm lens for the front of it.
These lenses almost universally have a 52mm front threading, and that will attach to the 52mm ring (among others) that comes with the Vortex Razor Digital Camera Adapter you will need:

With those pieces, the camera, 50mm lens, and DCA, you should be in business.


Eagle Optics 

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