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Birder's budget for a scope and tripod is $1,200

Hello, Eagle Optics! 
I am considering buying a spotting scope & tripod/head for birding.  My initial budget was $1,000.00 for the scope and a couple of hundred for a decent tripod with appropriate spotting scope head.

I was interested in the Bushnell Elite and Vortex Viper initially. I have had a recommendation that the Vortex was just a bit better and the warranty can not be beat. I note that you have it as a staff pick!  One thing that gave me pause was of the 2 "Reviews" on your site one was quite negative. No product can satisfy everyone but it was of concern.  Do you have many such complaints about this scope?

I am also curious about the Vortex Razor.  The price bump is significant and it is tough from the specs to assess the value for the increase in price. Is there a noticeable difference? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can save a bit more for the "fun" budget if it is worth spending the money now to be happier with the choice longer.  I am a touch interested in digiscoping if that makes any difference.

One last scope question. I am going through the angled vs straight debate. Your video was quite good and reassuring. All your online resources were very helpful. Do you still sell more angled than straight.scopes? The one advantage to straight appears to be ease of locating the bird I live along Lake Erie so the predominant use will be viewing lake birds or migrations across the lake.

 In terms of tripod and head I was considering the Manfrotto 190XDB leg set with a 128RC Head. Good choice? Other recommendations? 

  If I buy from you and you ship to Buffalo will there be any sales tax charged on the purchase?


Cam W.


Dear Cam,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.
The Viper is noticeably sharper and brighter to the edge than the Bushnell Elite, and especially in regards to digiscoping, I would recommend it over the Bushnell.
It will depend what camera you have as to what adapters you might be able to use, but again, the quality of the Viper and potential for attachments will be far better with the Viper.

We have had great reviews and feedback about the Vipers and I’d guess you’d be happy with that in its price point. You do have a 30 day return policy.  If you are not happy with it and send it back in original condition within 30 days, we can do a return or exchange.

The Razor is significantly sharper and brighter and the adapter options are even nicer than on the Viper, but as you pointed out, it obviously comes at a price increase. The higher optical quality of the Razor will certainly translate in terms of digiscoping.

We sell far more angled-bodied scopes than straight, but if you are the main person using it, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with using a straight scope. If you’re sharing with anyone of a different height and would like a lightweight tripod like the 190 series, I’d recommend an angled scope.

How tall are you?
If you’re any taller than say, 5’10”, I’d suggest the taller leg from Manfrotto, the 055 series.
In this case, you were asking about aluminum legs, and the 055 for that would be the 055XB

The XDB leg has twist locks for the leg sections. The XB legs have clip locks.
You’ll want to make sure you know which is which and which you want before you purchase.

If we ship to Buffalo, NY, there will not be sales tax charged.
We offer free FedEx Ground shipping on orders over $50.

There is a lot of information here; if you are able to give a call, any of our sales staff would be happy to help answer further questions. 


Eagle Optics

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