Friday, May 17, 2013

Binoculars or spotting scope for birding?

Dear Eagle Optics,
What are the advantages of a spotting scope for bird watching, or is a binocular better for that purpose?  If the spotting scope has some advantages, what configuration - size, field, power - is optimal for bird watching?




Dear Mark,
Thanks for contacting Eagle Optics with your question regarding the suitability of binoculars vs. spotting scopes for bird watching.

Binoculars are the best tool for the job for general birding with regard to their ease of use and portability: just grab and go.  Due to their higher magnification, spotting scopes require carrying along a tripod and need to be set up in the field.  Scopes have greater magnification and with that comes a narrower field of view, making it more difficult to find and follow birds.  When it comes to locating, viewing and tracking small, fast-moving birds in the field or forest, binoculars win hands-down.

The optimal size binocular for all purpose birding would be an 8x42.   It affords a nice, wide field of view; good light transmission,  and most suitable for birding at dawn and dusk.  We have many brands and models of 8x42 binoculars available in an assortment of prices.  

If you would like make/model suggestions in any particular price range, feel free to call and we can help you sort through the options.  We have a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to try out your new binoculars.

We look forward to assisting you!

Eagle Optics

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