Monday, May 13, 2013

Looking for a spotting scope under $500

Hi There,
 I am looking for a spotting scope. A close-out or open box is fine.
 I am shooting a .308 with a Khales scope 10X power, I will need to upgrade this soon too.
 The range I am look at is 400 to 800 yards.
 Looking for 20 to 60 power in at least 75 to 85 mm.
 Price is hard set at $500. (wife's limit, lol)

 I know this is a tough one.


Dear Shawn, 
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics.

Here are some nice quality scopes to consider that are under $500:

These are each 80mm scopes with 20-60 zoom an eyepiece. They are waterproof/fogproof. The Bushnell and Leupold have a limited lifetime warranty; the Vortex warranty is unlimited, lifetime warranty.

We do occasionally have open-box and demos; call for current availability.  If you have other questions,  you can certainly give a call and chat with any of our sales staff . We are always happy to help. 

Thanks, Shawn!

Eagle Optics

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