Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swarovski binocular trade-in?

Dear Eagle Optics,
I have a pair of Swarovski 8.5x42 EL I bought in 2001 which I really like.
Does your company take trade-ins which I could then put toward the purchase of a new pair?

Also, I am use to a 8.5x42 but should I go to a 10x42?
Are you really gaining anything?  Because you have to hold them rock steady, plus your field of view is slightly smaller and the image is not quite as bright.

Something else I wanted to ask you.  How is the Zeiss warranty?  I kind of steered away from them at the start because I was told that their warranty was inferior to Swarovski.

So should I go with Zeiss or Swarovski?

Thanks for your time.

Jason M.


Hello Jason,
Thanks for your interest in Eagle Optics. We don't normally handle trade-ins, but we do have a Swarovski trade-in program available right now.
Essentially we are taking returns on working condition ELs and if you purchase a new Swarovski Swarovision binocular, we can take $850 off the purchase price of the new Swarovision EL.

The link here will walk you through the Swarovski program trade-in details.

I would say go to a 10x only if you have continually wanted more detail and don't mind having a bit more narrow field of view.
You will be able to hold an 8.5 more steady for longer periods of time as well.
I use only 8s or 8.5s in part because of the steadiness issue.

Zeiss has a good warranty that is transferable. They will take good care of you, but as far as high-end product warranty goes, hands-down, Swarovski has the best in the business. In writing they cover only manufacturing defects (just like Zeiss), but in practice, Swarovski is known to cover just about anything for free.
I wouldn't point you away from Zeiss. Their warranty is what I would consider standard, and Swarovski's is above and beyond.

I hope this helps. Feel free to call or email with further questions. Any of our staff is happy to take your call.

Thanks, Jason!

Eagle Optics

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