Monday, June 10, 2013

Does my new scope need a case? What about a UV filter?


I just received my wonderful Swarovski ATX 25-60x85mm scope which I ordered from you. I see that Swaro makes a case for this new scope – looks like 2 pieces and that are not inexpensive.

Do you recommend the case?

How durable is the scope without one?

Also, several birders have told me to get UV protection for my scope – is there some type of filter?

Is it for the eyepiece or objective lens, or both?

Does Eagle Optics sell them?

Thank you!

Cheryl G.


Hi Cheryl!

Thanks so much for your order, and your inquiry.

The case comes in 2 parts: Swarovski Stay-On ATX Ocular Case ($128.95) and Swarovski Stay-on ATX/STX 85 mm Objective Case ($139.)  While many people do prefer to keep their scope covered with a case, the scope is plenty durable and assuming you are careful with it, you do not need the case.

A UV filter is something that photographers use on cameras. It is not something you would ever use with a spotting scope.  Your scope is not designed to accept such a filter, nor is one made for it.

Enjoy your new scope!


Eagle Optics

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