Monday, June 3, 2013

What is needed to digiscope with my Canon P&S camera and Kowa scope?

Last week I purchased a Kowa 88mm scope from you.  Now I find I need a point and shoot adapter.  The camera we have is a Canon (A460?) that has the lens not centered over the tripod screw hole.  I can't tell from our video if the Kowa Point and Shoot Adapter kit would work for this camera.  Is there a way to adjust it for the lens offset?  I couldn't see a left-right adjustment other than possibly three position holes.  

Marvin T. 


Dear Marvin,
That camera will work for digiscoping, but because we do not have it here to test, you’ll need to try it with the Kowa adapter.
I suspect it should work just fine. The PS100 platform does have holes that allow you to adjust for where the lens comes out from the camera body.

This is the kit that should work and that I’d recommend:

You have a full 30 days from the time you receive an order to check it out and make sure it will work.
You can return it in original condition for a return or exchange if you are not happy with it.

Eagle Optics

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