Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Willing to spend $1,000 for a digiscoping setup

Eagle Optics:

I am interested in getting started in “digiscoping” – basically bird and wildlife.

The cameras I have are :
1) Canon EOS Rebel XTi – Digital
2) HP Photosmart 850 fixed lens digital camera –4.1 megapixel /8x optical 7x digital zoom

I will need all the necessary/related equipment:
1) Scope
2) Tripod
3) All necessary adapters for the above mentioned cameras
4) Any other items as deemed necessary

I would like to get very acceptable pictures and if possible keep in the $1000 range.

Any help/information that you may render concerning the above will be greatly appreciated – thank you in advance.




Dear Ed,
Your Canon EOS Rebel XTi will be your best bet for digiscoping. You will need a fixed 50 mm lens for it.  The HP won’t work, as the camera needs to have an optical zoom of 4x or less for digiscoping.

You would probably benefit from watching our video: DigiscopingFundamentals to get an idea of using a DSLR for digiscoping.
Also, you’ll want to decide between an angled- or straight-bodied spotting scope. This video could help:  Spotting Scopes: Angled or Straight?

For a setup around $1000, I would recommend the following:

More lightweight carbon version:  Vanguard Abeo 283CV Carbon Tripod Kit ($379.99)
Note: If your height is less than 6', you could consider a shorter tripod, the Vanguard Abeo 243.

Non-HD scope, adapter, and aluminum tripod:  $949.96
Non-HD scope, adapter, and carbon tripod:  $1,109.96

HD scope,adapter, and aluminum tripod: $1,099.96
HD scope,adapter, and carbon tripod:  $1,259.96

The carbon fiber tripod is lighter, has less vibration, and therefore preferable for digiscoping. But if it stretches the budget too much, stick with aluminum.

Prices are as listed as of June, 2013 and are subject to change. Please call if you have any further questions, please call. Sometimes it’s easier to talk on the phone to explore the possibilities.


Eagle Optics

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