Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Need a tripod adapter for my Fujinon Polaris 10x50 binocular

Dear Eagle Optics,
I'm looking to order a set of Fujinon Polaris 10x50 today and would also like a tripod adapter. I haven't been able to locate on your site. 
Please let me know how I can get one. 



Hi Jan,
Thanks for your inquiry.  Here are a few links to some tripod adapter options:

Of the three offerings, the Swarovski is the most robust though the Pentax would suit a 50mm Polaris just fine.  The Vortex tripod adapter might be a bit on the lighter-duty side for one of the Fuji's.
If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Eagle Optics

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Looking for a compact binocular for around $300

We have purchased two pair of great binoculars from you:  Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 & 10x50.  We have been very happy with your speed in shipping, customer service and expertise. 

We are planning a trip to South America this winter to view birds and wildlife, and would like to order a pair of compact binoculars from you.  We would like to spend less than $300 and would like to know what you would recommend.  We like the light brightness that some binoculars offer, and seem to have clearer vision with more light.  We looked at the specs for the Vortex Vanquish 8x26.  Is this good?  Other suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can give us.  Look forward to dealing with you again.



Dear Sandy,
Thanks for your note regarding a compact binocular for your trip.

It's important to remember that while compact binoculars are small and light, the smaller objective lens won't be letting in as much light as you're used to with your 42 and 50 mm. binoculars.  Therefore, in low light, you can't expect the brightness of a full-size or even mid-size binocular.

Which leads me to this idea: why not consider the Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binocular?  At 19 oz and less than 5" square, it has the same great glass you're already accustomed to.  The Ranger 8x32 has a generous 420 ft. field of view, a great 3' close focus, and superb warranty. ($289.99) 

If you are still leaning toward a compact, I would say, get the best glass you can afford.  If you have a budget of around $300, I would go for something with better glass quality than the Vanquish. There is no doubt that the Vortex Vanquish is a good value for under $125.  But the difference between it and the Ranger 8x32 or one of the binoculars suggested below would be considerable in brightness and sharpness of the image.


Check the specs of each binocular and see what you think!  Remember, you will have 30 days after delivery of your purchase to evaluate your new binocular.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call!  Thanks for your continued business.


Eagle Optics

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is a Swarovski tripod head compatible with my Gitzo tripod legs?

I am interested in the Swarovski DH 101 Tripod head but seem to remember reading there are some problems being able to mount it on a Gitzo tripod.
(Gitzo 3532S in particular). Perhaps I am mistaken or the issue has been resolved?

Thank you.
Dave P.


Hi Dave,
Thanks for contacting Eagle Optics.

The DH101 will not work with a Gitzo leg set, because it doesn’t have set screws to tighten it down. Therefore it will screw on, but it won’t stay put.

If you want a head to go with your Gitzo leg set, your best bet is to buy a Gitzo head.

If we may be of further assistance, don’t hesitate to call.

All the best,

Eagle Optics