Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What is the Ranger SRT? Is the Pentax warranty the same as Eagle Optics'?

Is the Eagle Optics Ranger the same as the Ranger SRT? 

Also, if we were to purchase the Pentax DCF CF 8X42 off your website, would we get the same support as with the Ranger for fixing the binocular, if needed?

Charles D.


Hi Charles,

Thanks for your inquiry. The Ranger SRT is an earlier version of the current Ranger. The main difference is that the current model has dielectric prism coatings, which allows for better light transmission and color quality.

The Eagle Optics product warranty and support (Platinum Protection Warranty) applies to Eagle Optics and Atlas brands, and is the same warranty that Vortex provides for its binoculars and spotting scopes.. Therefore, a Pentax binocular would fall under the Pentax Worry-free Warranty, and you would go through Pentax for repairs and service.

Hope that helps,  please feel free to email back or call in with any more questions!


Eagle Optics

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