Friday, December 20, 2013

Which high-end 8x32 is best for my needs?

Good morning, a question for you.

I’m looking for a binocular (8x32 – small / lightweight) which is as sharp or better than my 8x32 Nikon Premier SE, has superior light gathering abilities (“very” bright at dawn / dusk), and one which has as good or better color / contrast and depth of field as my Steiner Peregrine XP’s (8x44).  Also, I’m hoping (not sure if this is possible) to find a binocular which I could adapt to hook up to a GoPro Hero 3?

I’m not sure if there are any options outside of both the Zeiss FL or the Swarovski?  I know everyone’s eyes are different, but I will say that I don’t wear glasses and have no issues rolling ball, etc., with either of the above bins. 
Prefer not to have a “super-fast” focus, and durability (of course) is a must!  Will be using these primarily for bow-hunting / birding.

Can you help?  I’m thinking about taking a vacation day tomorrow and stopping by if you have anything available (live in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin).  Went to college in Madison, so in my book any trip to the Motherland is a good thing.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your inquiry. Zeiss and Swarovski are going to be two of your best options, as you said, as well as the Leica Ultravid. With the optic quality that you’re used to from the Premier, you’ll need to upgrade to one of those three to get a sharper and brighter image.

Here are the three best options for you:

Leica Ultravid 8x32 $1899, (or $1599 for a demo, if available).

Since the optical quality of these 3 is so close, ergonomics and feel will ultimately be your decision-maker.

I’m not sure which if any would work with the Go Pro video camera you mentioned. If you are able to come in and take a look at these, you may be able to see if it could attach.

Hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Eagle Optics

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