Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Will the current case fit my Swaro AT 80 scope?

Dear Eagle Optics,

I have a Swarovski AT 80 scope and I am looking for a quality cover that will fit this scope.  It is an 80 mm scope with the angled 20-60mm eyepiece.  Will the Swarovski 80mm ATM Spotting Scope Case, SAC-SK-49824, that you are selling in the catalog fit this scope?


If I purchase the cover and it does not fit, what is the return policy? 



Beth M.



Hi Beth,
Thanks for your inquiry.  The Swarovski ATM case will not fit your model scope.  The only scope cover that is currently available for your scope is this one made by Kite Optics.

Kite makes really nice cases and I would rate this one as being an upgrade from the original Swarovski cover that is no longer available.  With all purchases, you get a 30 day return period.

If there is anything else you need, just let me know.


Eagle Optics

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