Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have new optics ever been handled prior to the sale?

Hello -

We are considering the purchase of a new scope / tripod and have read excellent, positive feedback about your business.   

Can you tell me if we can be assured of receiving all entirely new / unopened items?  A recent experience with another optics outlet that shipped a costly item that had been opened, dirtied and poorly repackaged when we expected that we were purchasing an new item has left us with misgivings about online ordering but the brand we are seeking is not offered in our region.

Thank you.


 Hello Cathy,

All of our items listed as 'New' and not 'Demo' are in factory new condition.   

We carry demonstration models of most of our inventory in our showroom so there is little need to open items.  If there is a customer that wants to look at an item we do not have a demonstration model of, we carefully open it for them and show it to them in the store and then repackage it exactly as it came.   

We do not sell returned items that are not in new condition.  In the store, we do offer pieces that have been returned in less than new condition at a discount but these items are not available online.   Even our 'Demo' items that are sold online are usually in new condition and have only been in the hands of the manufacturers' representatives.   

So rest assured, the vast majority of our new stock has never been opened and those few pieces that have been are only ever opened by us, in the store, and shown to a customer once or maybe twice before they leave our shelves.  I hope this allays any concerns you may have.  You can always call us to discuss your optics purchase and we can hand-pick and inspect your product before it ships. In addition, our 30-Day Return Policy is in place for all purchases to ensure your satisfaction.

Best wishes,

Eagle Optics

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