Monday, February 17, 2014

Will Swaro Bino Field Bag fit ATX/STX with 65mm Objective?

Good afternoon. 
I recently purchased the Swarovski ATX and STX modular oculars, and 65 and 95 modular objective lenses from Eagle Optics, and have not figured out the best storage/travel option. 

I was looking at the Swarovski binocular field bags on your website to see if they would be an option for storing at least the 65 objective lens and/or eyepieces, but the interior dimensions of the bags are not given. 

Is that information available, or do you know if others have utilized these bags for scope component storage? 

Many thanks,

Justin H.


Hi Justin,
The XL Field bag is an excellent fit for the 65mm Objective and either the ST or AN ATX module.

One of our staff members just returned from a week long birding trip in Honduras and used this same bag for carrying the 65mm ATX scope kit and found it to work wonderfully.  We don't know of a similarly built option that will fit your 95mm objective lens, however.
If you have any other questions, just let us know.


Eagle Optics

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