Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Would like to digiscope with my Kowa Prominar Scope

What camera can I use with a Kowa Prominar 88 scope?
Also what do I need to connect it to the scope?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your inquiry. You have quite a few options for digiscoping with the Kowa scope.

1. You could use a DSLR camera with a fixed 50mm lens, with which you would need the Kowa DA10 Digital Camera Adapter. Additionally, you'll need a Kowa Digital Camera AdapterRing with the proper diameter in millimeters that matches the accessory threading of your camera. Together, your camera will be mounted directly onto the scope.  Our video, Digiscoping Fundamentals, will help you understand this set-up.

2. You could also use a point-and shoot-camera to digiscope, as long as the camera has an optical zoom of 3-4x. To attach that, you would need the DA10, as listed above, as well as a 37mm digital camera adapter ring. Additionally, you'll need the Vortex PS-100, an attachment that your camera will be mounted on: . This video, Digiscoping with a Point-and-Shoot Camera: Using the Vortex PS-100 Attachment illustrates this well.

3. If you wanted to use a Micro four-thirds camera, you could potentially use either of the above set-ups, depending on the size and threading of the camera.

4. For digiscoping with an iPhone 4, 4s or 5, Kowa has digiscoping bracket for a very simple and lightweght option, shown in this video:  Kowa iPhone Digiscoping Bracket.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call.


Eagle Optics


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