Friday, June 27, 2014

Want to digiscope with my older Swarovski AT scope

I recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera.  My spotting scope is an old (purchased in 1999), but still great condition Swarovski AT 80.  My camera has EFS 18 to 55 mm and EFS 55-250 mm zoom lenses.  

Can I get something to use the camera and scope that will take good pictures?  I know equipment only goes so far, but assuming that I can figure it out, what set up will work?

Pat T.


Hi Pat,
Swarovski does not currently make any camera adapters that work with your generation spotting scope.  The only solutions I know of would require you to replace the eyepiece of your current scope with one of the new scope eyepieces:

You would also need to get Cannon’s 50mm f1.8 camera lens for your Rebel.

If you have other questions, please call the Eagle Optics office!

Best regards,

Eagle Optics

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