Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Need a scope and tripod for under $1600.

Eagle Optics Team,

Just ran across the Eagle Optics website and wanted to comment that I like what I see.  And your videos have provided the info I've been seeking, which is a lot, because I'm a newbie.

My intended use is target shooting/hunting and I have one toy that can reach out past 1500 yards. Probably most ranges between 500.- 1000.

I prefer an angled scope, but would not rule out a straight-bodied scope.  I understand a quality tripod is equally important to the system.  Are the kits complete with tripods decent ones, or something that wouldn't be as sturdy?

I was figuring on spending $1200.- 1400, maybe 1600. on a complete system.  I've been leaning towards the
; the also seems appropriate.  Thoughts?



Hi Mike,
Thanks for your inquiry and the feedback on our website/videos.  I’m glad to hear that you found them helpful.

You are right about the tripod in that it’s a key component of the kit and something that shouldn’t be skimped on.  Regarding that tripod, how tall are you and are you looking to get a tripod that you can comfortably stand behind while using your scope?  With that feedback, I can make a few recommendations.  Budget $150-$300.
That leaves us $1100-$1300. to work on with a scope.

For distance viewing, let’s focus on larger aperture scopes like the 80 and 85mm scopes.  These will resolve better and provide a brighter image at higher magnifications, which is what you’ll need to look at holes the size of a dime or smaller at 1500 yards.  I would rate the Pentax as being a good buy at about $1000.  My favorite scope in the $1K price range would be the
with the .  Keep in mind that with the Kowa, the eyepiece is sold separately.

Something like the
would be a good step up from the Pentax, though it would push past your stated budget.  It's possible I could offer a discount on the 85mm Razor HD if you did want to go that route.  Certainly that would have the nicest optics outside of the real high end equipment from Swarovski, Leica, etc.


Eagle Optics

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