Saturday, November 29, 2014

Which Ranger binocular has the best close focus?

My wife has a that she loves!  It will focus at subjects about 4 ft away.  I am interested in a for my personal use.  How far from a subject, like a butterfly, must you be to get a clear focus with the 10x42's?


Ralph Peterson


Hi Ralph,
With any 42mm binocular, your close focus will be limited to about 5’, which is what it is with the 10x42 Ranger.  This is due to the longer barrels on a 42mm binocular.  If you want to get closer than 5’, then your options will be with 32mm binoculars.
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Eagle Optics 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Need digiscoping adapter options for Kowa scope and a micro 4/3 camera

I have  a Kowa 884 scope 25-60X and Sony a6000 camera (APS-C sensor, 40.4 mm filter threads). What are my best adapter options for digiscoping with this scope and camera?

Thanks for your time.

Robert F. 


Hi Robert,

The Kowa TSN-PZ adapter should work well with your camera.

In addition to this adapter, you would need to acquire a Micro4/3 T-ring for your camera.

This method would involve removing the scope’s zoom eyepiece and replacing it with the adapter.

Another option would be to use a bracket-type adapter in which you would keep the lens on your camera and shoot through the scopes zoom eyepiece.  The   would suit that function well.

The benefit of using a lens on the camera is that you get some added functionality like auto-focus.  The tricky part with this type of adapter is to find the most suitable lens to use with your camera and spotting scope.  Typically, the best lenses tend to be fixed focal length lenses such as the Sigma 33B965.

I’m personally not familiar with the myriad of camera lenses available so can’t make a recommendation there based on experience.  Finding the right lens can be a bit of trial and error. 

Here is a link to an online digiscoping forum discussing Sony lens choices that you may find useful.

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Eagle Optics

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where can I buy parts for my Leica binocular?

Question: Hi, I am looking for replacement parts for Leica binoculars. The round rubber piece on the eye-cup that touches your face when you hold the binoculars up to it popped off and disappeared. Do you know where I could find such a thing? Also, do you sell objective lens covers for Leica binoculars? 



Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for your inquiry.  We don’t stock replacement parts for Leica binoculars.  This is the type of thing you would need to acquire directly from Leica.  You can reach them at this number: 800-222-0118.
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