Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How is Field of View determined?

Dear Eagle Optics,
Can you tell me how they figure out the feet at 1000yds on binoculars.
For example 7 X 50 equals 376 ft at 1000 yds. How do they get the 376 Feet.


Conrad A.


Hi Conrad,
Thanks for your inquiry.  The figure you are looking for is referred to as “field of view”.  This measurement can’t be calculated simply by knowing a binoculars size.  It’s possible to have 3 different binocular models all of the same size, with different specifications for field of view.  

The field of view is determined by a number of different factors based on how a particular model is designed.  Things that will influence field of view can be eye-relief, objective lens diameter, and magnification.  In general, lower power binoculars will have a wider field of view.

Like the weight of a binocular, field-of-view is one specification that you just need to find out for various makes and models.  If there is a particular model or models you would like this figure for, please give us a call.

Best regards,

Eagle Optics

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