Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is an angled or straight scope better for hawk watching?

Is there a consensus amongst hawk watchers about using angled or straight scope?

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Cape May, NJ


Dear Ed,
Thanks for your inquiry.

Most hawk watchers only use a scope in order to get an ID on a single, distant hawk.   Almost none use the scope to scan the distant skies for incoming birds.

If they are an avid hawker but not general birder, likely straight scope.  However, most good hawkers are also birders, so they are comfortable with angled scopes. I would say there is no real consensus or “standard.” 

For more information about angled vs. straight scopes, this video might be helpful.


Eagle Optics

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  1. As a 6'-2" tall birder, my angled scope combined with my tall tripod allows me to have a comfortable body position. I'm not forced to scrunch down to get a view. I can always rotate the eyepiece to horizontal, or lower my tripod so that shorter folks, even little kids, can get a view. I can even rotate the eyepiece downward, to work as a periscope, so I can see over, rather than through, a tall chain-link fence.
    Some National Wildlife Refuge vehicle loop roads require staying in your vehicles. And other places, vehicles work well as a blind. For that I'd prefer a straight scope. It's awkward for me with my angle scope and a window mount. I'm glad I chose angled.


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