Monday, April 20, 2015

Is my rainguard defective?

Dear Eagle Optics,
My binoculars just arrived today. They’re magnificent! It’s an excellent product and I’m sure I’ll be very happy with them.

One minor thing, however. The lens caps that that go over the viewing lenses (the lenses you hold right up to your eyes) appear to have a tear. Would you please be kind enough to send a replacement? Thanks. Picture attached.

Best regards,


Hello Luis,
Thanks for writing with your question and glad to hear you are enjoying your binoculars. 

That gap in that side of the rainguard is there by design.  When you have the covers on, you can make it a little more secure by putting that around the neck strap.  But when in use you would like them to fall away to one side so that they don’t ride up the neck strap and into your mouth or some other position where they get in the way.  They are meant to swing off to one side of the strap to get out of your way, essentially. 

Best wishes,
Eagle Optics

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