Thursday, May 14, 2015

Need binocular for Alaska cruise

What size binoculars would you suggest for a cruise to Alaska?
So far I have been told 10 x 32 or 10 x 42.

And thank you for posting those videos!  



Hi Bruce,
Thanks for your inquiry, and for watching our Eagle Optics educational videos!  

An Alaska cruise sounds fabulous!  Personally, I would avoid a 10x because it’s not as easy to hold steady—especially combined with the added movement of being on a ship. My suggestion would be to get the best glass you can afford, and choose either an 8x32 or and 8x42.

The difference between the 8x42 and the 8x32 mm binoculars is mostly weight. The 8x32 mm will be lighter (average weight is 19 oz.) and smaller in the hand than the 8x42. The 8x32 won’t be quite as bright at dusk, but it will  have a wider field of view.

Let me know what you’re hoping to spend, and I’ll be happy to list of few favorites,. If you’d like to phone the store, we can talk about options. The number to call is 800-289-1132.

All the best,

Eagle Optics

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