Friday, July 10, 2015

Needing upgrade advice

I am looking for a good piece of glass  for birding, preferably 10x42.  I have been in the field as an observer for ten years and have used both Nikon and Vortex.  

I think keeping it under $500 is a good idea, as we don’t tend to make too much money in the environmental education field, but I would be willing to spend more if it’s a deal I just can’t say no to.
I would be very happy with the EO Ranger ED, but I have been in the game so long that I would appreciate a significant upgrade from my Monarchs.  So, I am willing to spend money on a solid piece of glass, but I don’t have much.

Anything EO is willing to do is very appreciated.

Enjoy the long summer days,

Joshua T.


Hi Joshua,

The challenge is finding a binocular that represents a “significant upgrade” from the Nikon Monarch around $500.00. Do you know which generation of Nikon Monarch? Which Vortex binocular have you used? 

Truth be told, some of our staff see little difference between the New Ranger ED 10x42 ($339.99) compared with the Vortex Viper HD 10x42 ($599.99). Depending on the Nikon Monarch model you have, I’m not sure either of these binoculars would represent a “significant upgrade.” 

On the other hand, something like the MeoptaMeoPro HD 10x42 ($899.99) would, in my mind, represent such an upgrade. But then the question becomes are you willing to pay that much for what I define as the upgrade I think you’re looking for? Another $200 or $300 doesn’t really buy the end-user much in terms of optical performance, but this is a somewhat subjective position based on my experience in looking at optics every day. 

I might ask how much of a “wow” factor are you looking for, but that’s also difficult to ascertain via words. Having said all of that, the New Ranger ED is an excellent choice.


Eagle Optics

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