Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How do I get sand out of my binocular eyecups?

Have a question about cleaning them my new Eagle Optics Ranger ED binocular.  Yesterday I went on a bird survey on a long sandy beach which took over nine hours.  Part of the survey is examining dead birds which means sitting down on a log or the sand.  I am wearing them on a harness but still I managed to cover the end you look through (can't remember what you call each end) with sticky sand.
The eyecup was extended all the way out and there was sand stuck in the grooves. Took me a long time to clean it all out - well, I think it's all out now though I sometimes hear the cracking of sand as I move the eye relief around.  

I used the brush end of a lens pen, a microfiber cloth and blew on them.  Hesitated to use canned air in case I pushed the sand further in, also thought about dunking the ends in warm soapy water to try and float it off but I wanted to check with you to see what your recommendations are for cleaning sand off as I am sure this will happen again on a regular basis.

Any advice would be welcome.


Dear Carol,
Thanks for writing! You’re talking about the ocular lenses. I would use the canned air. Not water.  Also, you might want to keep the ocular lenses covered with the  as often as possible when on the beach. Keep them tethered to your neck strap, and get in the habit of putting it over the lenses whenever you’re not viewing through the binocular.

Sand is a bugger on binocular lenses and under eyecups.  If you can’t get it out satisfactorily this time, you’ll have to send them here for cleaning—with the Eagle Optics warranty, there is no charge for this service. Be warned though, it would mean you’ll be without your binocular for 2-3 weeks. Maybe once you’ve had to endure being without your binocular that long, you’ll opt to use the rainguard more diligently.

All the best,

Eagle Optics

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