Friday, August 14, 2015

Need binocular with good close focus and narrow IPD

Hi folks, 
I am looking for a new pair of binocs for birding and close-focusing on insects.  My husband's (Eagle Optics Ranger) focus to 3 feet, so I'd like something similar: waterproof, lightweight, etc.  My problem is that my eyes are close together.  I don't see any information in the specs on your web page about the interpupillary distance.  What is it for the Vortex Viper HD  8 X 32?

My Nikon, not roof prism, is about 55mm for that interpup. distance.

Thanks a lot,

Kitti R.


Thanks for your inquiry.  The IPD on the 8x32 Viper HD is 58mm.  Depending on what exactly you need, this may be a bit too big. It’s hard to find a roof-prism model with a narrower IPD.  The offerings are limited but I have a few suggestions that may work:

8x32 Zeiss Conquest HD: 53mm IPD and close focus of 4.2 feet.

Atlas Intrepid ED 7x36: 54mm IPD and close focus of 5’

Opticron Verano 8x32: 55mm IPD and close focus of 4.9’

The Verano is very similar to the Viper HD while the Zeiss Conquest is certainly a bit of an upgrade.  The Intrepid is a less expensive alternative with a narrower IPD.

If you have any other questions or if I can help you further, please let me know.

Best regards,

Eagle Optics 

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