Friday, September 4, 2015

Diopter adjustment advice needed

 I bought my wife a pair of  Eagle Optics Kingbird 8.5 x 32 binoculars for a present and we got them today. When she tried to adjust the right diopter to get both eyes focused, she ran out of adjusting room. That is, she turned the diopter all the way to the end and it still wasn't enough. 

I tried and had to adjust nearly to the end even though I don't have to adjust most binoculars or else I use them with the adjustment very near zero. Also, she has not had this problem with other binoculars. Is this a particular problem with this model? Is it possible that our binoculars are defective? Is there a way to get additional adjusting room? 



Hi David,

Thanks for the note!

It’s possible that the diopter is defective or mis-calibrated.

Here’s something you can try to make that determination:

With someone who has the same vision in both eyes, or wears glasses or contact lenses: ZERO the diopter (match the little triangle on the diopter ring to the dot between the white “+” and “-“). When looking through the binoculars, BOTH barrels should be in focus – there should not be a differential or offset required. If this is not the case, then the diopter is definitely defective.

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