Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do I need separate tripods for my camera and my spotting scope?

I'm a nature photographer and interested in digiscoping--so I'll be buying a spotting scope soon. Regarding a tripod, I have a pretty nice one for my camera.  Do spotting scopes require a different tripod?




Hi Mike,
Thanks for your good question!

You say you have a nice tripod for photography. The most important thing to determine is whether it is also suitable for your new spotting scope.  

No doubt the leg set, assuming it has an adequate weight capacity, will be fine (many digiscopers will buy carbon fiber, since it has less vibration than aluminum).  

It’s the tripod head you will need to evaluate for dual use. Here is our video which will help understand the differences in tripod heads: Choosing the Right Tripod Head

Let me know if you have further questions, and thanks!

All the best,

Eagle Optics

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