Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Need smaller, lighter binocular for vacation

A friend recommended your online store to me.

I have a trip coming up to the Galapagos Islands and want to replace my binoculars.

My current pair is a 7X35 Nikon, 10 years old.  I like the wide field of vision, but they are a bit heavy.  Ideally I'd like better magnification, lighter weight, wide field of vision, good price.

Can you provide some recommendations?  I'd like to have the new ones at least two weeks in advance of my trip (which is in early February).

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Hi Jeana,
Thanks for your inquiry.  Do you know what the weight is of your current binoculars and do you have a budget in mind for the replacement pair?
I would recommend any consideration be waterproof.

One challenge with your request will be the wide field of view in conjunction with increased magnification.  Those two attributes almost always work against one another, meaning that as we increase magnification we generally get a narrower field of view.
In general, an 8x32 sounds like the ideal size binocular for you.  They will generally have a wide field of view and be relatively light weight while providing you with some additional magnification.  While 8x32’s generally have a wide field of view (compared to an 8x42), it’s unlikely that any will have one as wide as your 7x35.

Another advantage of an 8x32 is that there are many binoculars this size that have an excellent close focus, which is a great feature for observing the docile wildlife of the Galapogos Islands up close!
A good mid-priced option that is popular and would fit your needs is the  

If you had something else in mind or if I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Best regards,

Eagle Optics

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  1. Another option for lightweight travel binoculars is the Pentax Papilio. They will not be a replacement for the 8x35 but a complement. They provide spectacular microscope like close viewing of anything near your feet and fine viewing for more distant objects. There is no one best binocular, so might as well take this opportunity to start a collection of at least three sets.

    My suggestion of the Papilio does not meet your criteria, but it is another approach that complements what you already own. If you are into nature viewing in general, then the Papilio are really fun for studying anything that grows, flies, slithers, walks, or crawls.

    After the Papilio, the next step would be to get a larger bino than your 8x35s for when weight isn't such a concern.


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