Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Questions from an eyeglass wearer

I wear eyeglasses. Does that affect what kind of binoculars I would buy? How do I know whether it's best to keep my glasses on or take them off? Any guidance appreciated. Thanks!




Dear Ruth,

Thanks for your great question.
Check the specifications for any binocular you're considering. You'll want to make sure that the binocular you choose has at least 15mm of eye relief. Some people need more, and some people can get away with a little less. I wear glasses, and I need at least 14 mm.
Some people, if their eyeglass lenses are thicker, or if their glasses are farther away from their face, may need a little more, like 16 mm or 17mm. For most people though, 15 mm is adequate.
The point is to leave your eyeglasses on. Simply twist the eyecups down, to their lowest position.
If you have further questions, please ask. We're always happy to help!
Eagle Optics

Monday, February 22, 2016

Which is the current Celestron Regal model?

Hi EO Folks,
What is the difference between the Celestron Regal 65 "M2" and the Celestron Regal 65 "F-ED"?  I see both out there and want to buy a Celestron but not sure what is what.




Dear Randall.
Thanks for your inquiry! According to the Celestron website, "The Regal M2 spotting scope series is the next generation of our top-performing Regal F-ED spotting scopes."

So the Celestron Regal M2 is the most updated model. The Regal F-ED is discontinued.

If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.


Eagle Optics