Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Looking for a travel tripod

Hi Eagle Optics,
I am looking for a lightweight carbon tripod kit for an upcoming birding trip. I'd like to fit it in my carry-on luggage, so it needs to fold down to a length under 20".  Do you have recommendations?




Hi Bob,
Thanks for your inquiry. Here are a few suggestions. Remember, you can save some inches by removing the center column (with the tripod head attached) and laying it next to the leg set in your luggage.

Manfrotto 190Go Carbon Fiber Tripod Leg  17.7" folded 3 lbs. (Leg set only, head not included)

Vortex Summit Carbon Tripod 18.5" folded length (includes head) 

Opticron XFS-C Traveller Carbon Tripod Leg 18.9" folded length (Leg set only, head not included)

A good lightweight and compact tripod head is the Manfrotto 700RC2 Tripod Head.

If you have further questions, let us know. Happy travels!

All the best,

Eagle Optics


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